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7 Realistic Ways to Make Money Online

Hey guy in this article. we will tell you 7 realistic ways to make money online easily. so donot skip this article and read carefuly. we will discuss how we can make money online. it very easy but you need to learn,prctice and experince.

  1. Affliate marketing
  2.  Google adsense
  3. Sell his products
  4. Create his blog or website
  5. Create his blog or website
  6. Youtube channel
  7. Android apps
these are seven realistic ways to make money online.

How to Make Money Online

we will write 7 ways to make money online in first paragraph. so continue with first point.

1. Affliate marketing

affliate marketing is best and power full source of earning. most of bloggers use affliate marketing. they generate amazing and huge revenue. it is very simple to join. we will give you some affliate program in his first article please read the article and join or earn good revenue

important articles for affliate marketing

2. Google adsense

In online market google adsense is very good and more trusted source of earning. 90% bloggers earn by google adsnse. not even bloggers many big companies use this platform. if you join the google adsense create a website and blog then write minimum 15 to 16 post. coustomize his blog or website. use seo friendly themes then you will apply for google adsense.

3. Sell his products

start selling products in ecomerce websites like amazon,flipkart,sanpdeal,etc. this is agood platform to generate a good income. it gives you good revenue. it is simple and easy to join.

4.Create his blog or website

create a website or blog. blogger is free platform to make a professional blog and you can use some paid methods to create blog or website. if you create a blog or website write minimum 3 post daily. make backlinks, share his blog,write intresting content and then apply for best ads network and attech affliate products easily.

5. Social media pages

this is very good method to earn more and good revenue. now a days most of social media users create a page in facebook and instagram then they grow his page and get sponser ships. they charge minimum 2000 of one post and article. basically this is good method of income

6. Youtube channel

youtube is one of the best platform to make money online. most of the peoples create a youtube channel and they start upload videos regularly they gain subscribers and then they promote products,reviews gadgets,sponser ships,etc. this is best now a day because the audince easily attract to see videos.

7. Android apps

Android apps is a best for money making. this is good method and simple now a days. because some online platforms create your app without coding(thunkable,appybuilder,makeroid,etc). these are free platforms to make apps and then you can create admob account setup ads to his android apps. then you can publish in google play store and share in social media but if you publish his app in google play store you can give 1800 rupee to google. 

these are the 7 realstic way to make money. if you like this article please share and comment